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Money, sex, power, happiness, and love. All humans desire them, but is it possible to have them all?

Brandon Wade, MIT graduate, centimillionaire, and Founder of knows it is, and he is ready to discuss how. Born in Singapore, Brandon took his mother’s advice and transformed himself from a shy, nerdy teenager who had trouble dating into a modern day “Mr. Sugar Daddy”. In 2022, he married his soulmate, and together, they are on a mission to reshape his business and how the world thinks about dating, relationships, and success.

How Brandon Came to Understand True Love.

Everything changed when I met my soulmate, Dana, on At the end of our first date she said, “I know you are looking for love, and I am going to show you true love.” While others focused on what I could give them, Dana focused on how she could give me a safe space to be vulnerable and authentic. Dana’s love was different. It led me to finally ask myself, “What is love?” And I realized true love and self-love were the answer to heal the trauma, pain and guilt of my Ego.

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